Tesseræ Urban Social Research is an independent organisation engaged in urban, territorial and social research and practice. Based in Berlin, Tesseræ works with local communities, independent and non-profit organisations, as well as local, national and EU institutions. Tesserae’s practice links policy, research, art and activism, providing a critical multidisciplinary capacity. Our experts have competences in the fields of urban development and regeneration, multilevel governance, social justice, social innovation, community-led processes, housing, migration, heritage, cultural strategies and new media. Tesserae currently develops three main fields of activity: we provide expertise for knowledge exchange and the capitalisation of good practices to European programmes like URBACT, UIA, the EU Urban Agenda; we design innovative tools and deliver training for participative methodologies; we develop innovative digital platforms to support inclusive open knowledge pooling processes, for such practices as urban reconnaissance, collaborative mapping and collective storytelling. Our main current projects include H2020 Rise “Co-creation”, UIA “Calico” and “UPPER”, Erasmus plus COMENSI and OpenCCCP.

Tesserae will lead WP5, Inhabitant Engagement, Inclusive Business Models and PPPPs to Boost IHW, with a steady involvement in the other work packages too.