Fostering inclusive health and well-being businesses through entrepreneurship

We are looking for early-stage innovative business ideas and volunteer mentors to join our 4-month online incubation program taking place in each of the following IN-HABIT cities, and Pisa.


Because of its rich cultural heritage, IN-HABIT Cordoba Incubation Program will focus on creating social, cultural, digital, technological, and nature-based innovations driving inclusion in more deprived neighborhoods.


Entrepreneurs and mentors participating in the IN-HABIT Lucca Incubation Program will be able to develop business ideas in order to improve the quality of urban life In Lucca and Pisa by making them more accessible.


Focusing on connecting places and people through a multifunctional corridor integrating environment and art, participants of the IN-HABIT Nitra Incubation Program will develop their business solutions while involving minority groups of people.


With their business solutions, participants of the IN-HABIT Riga Incubation Program will work towards setting up a multifunctional food hub for sustainably produced and locally sourced food in the area of the Āgenskalns.