The Slovak University of Agriculture in Nitra (SUA, est. 1952) ranks among the top Slovak higher-education institutes for the high quality of its teaching and research. SUA cultivates close and productive links with its local and regional community and expands its work at an international level in both teaching and scientific research. It also has a strong tradition of working in collaboration with business and industry and playing an active role in economic regeneration.

The university provides education in the field of agriculture and related research areas such as agro biology, food resources, sustainable agriculture, agricultural production, biotechnology, food technology, engineering of agricultural machinery and equipment, computerisation and automation of agricultural equipment, operation of energy facilities on agricultural production, gardening and landscape design, economics and management, international trade in agricultural commodities, marketing, development of rural tourism, project management for rural development, local development planning, lifelong learning, etc. SUA has 6 faculties: Faculty of Agrobiology and Food resources, Faculty of Biotechnology and Food Sciences, Faculty of Economics and Management, Faculty of European Studies and Regional Development, Faculty of Horticulture and Landscape Engineering and Faculty of Engineering. SUA is a strategic member of several associations (e.g., VUA, CASEE, IAU, etc.), as well as clusters (e.g., International Agrarian Research and Development Cluster of the river Tisza basin, and Bioeconomy cluster).

SUA will lead WP4, Reversible Multifunctional Open-source Urban Landscape in Nitra.