ENGIE Laborelec is a leading expertise and research centre in electrical power technology. Drawing on the skills of 250 highly specialised engineers and technicians, the company is active across the whole electricity value chain and supports a large set of customers in the fields of generation, transmission, distribution, storage and final use of electricity, with a particular focus upon the energy transition and the 3 D’s – decentralisation, decarbonisation and digitalisation.

Established in 1962 to support electricity companies with a wide range of services, ENGIE Laborelec (ENGIE Lab) is today a cooperative company, with ENGIE and independent grid operators as shareholders. ENGIE Laborelec’s headquarters are in Linkebeek, Belgium, but the company has offices in Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany, Chile and Abu Dhabi.

ENGIE Laborelec is recognised worldwide for providing tailor-made solutions, improving operational excellence performance of assets and investigating and derisking emerging technologies in new technical, economic, environmental and societal contexts.

ENGIE Lab provides specialised services and contracted research activities that cross-fertilise each other through a virtual positive loop. Specialised services put experts in contact with commercial and industrial reality. They bring back concrete ideas for feeding the research portfolio. In turn, contract research activities are the main product and service development engine that feeds and renews ENGIE Lab's service offering portfolio. This dual approach distinguishes ENGIE Lab from other companies and research institutes. ENGIE Laborelec also has an intensive and deliberated collaborative research approach, and is involved in 13 large EC funded projects (H2020…).

Amongst the various Labs operated at ENGIE Laborelec, the Lighting Competence Centre offers a unique set of competences. ENGIE Laborelec experts are familiar with every type of lighting and lighting-based solution and, crucially, factors such as energy efficiency, light quality and aging. Because lighting is also an essentially human issue, the company places enormous emphasis on quality issues such as uniformity, colour and glare, LED lighting colour sensation, as well as environmental impact. Our experts are well-placed to evaluate and give advice on the cutting edge of lighting trends such as smart lighting, LED colour sensation, Li-Fi and Visible Light Communication. Our experts and specialists are active in international standards organisations, such as CIE, ISO and CEN, and this expertise is backed up by the services of ENGIE Laborelec’s own ISO 17025 accredited lighting laboratory.

ENGIE Laborelec will mainly contribute to WP1, Sustainable mobility and creative square in Cordoba, and WP7, Assessing the Impact of Visionary and Integrated Solutions on IHW.