Bridge for Billions (B4B) is a for-profit social enterprise listed as Forbes 30 Under 30 and Ashoka Fellow 2017. It acts as a global digital ecosystem connecting early-stage entrepreneurs to growth opportunities in order to democratise access to quality entrepreneurship training, mentoring and business opportunities globally. Inspired by both MIT and Carnegie Mellon’s entrepreneurship methodologies, Bridge for Billions serves the holistic needs of founders by offering practical and step-by-step business education, personal one-to-one support from experienced mentors from all sectors, and peer-led community support and resources in the company of other like-minded founders. Bridge for Billions is a fully-scalable and proven system that offers 12 cohorts per year access to The Leap, one of its online incubation programmes. Creating partnerships with local incubators, entrepreneurship clubs, chambers of commerce, universities and NGOs enables Bridge for Billions to have a wider local reach, identifying early-stage entrepreneurs who need support.

Bridge for Billions has supported 2000+ entrepreneurs from 82 countries and has also co-built entrepreneurship programmes with partners such as Coca-Cola, BMW, Accenture, Heineken, BBVA, Ashoka, Impact Hub, the European Commission and the United Nations Industrial Development Organization. Bridge for Billions enables any organisation to increase the quantity of supported projects and the quality of their incubation offerings without a proportional increase in operational costs.

B4B will be involved in WP5, Inhabitant engagement, inclusive business models and PPPPs to boost IHW, and WP8, Dissemination, Exploitation, Communication and Outreach Strategy.