The Universidad de Córdoba (UCO) is a public Higher Education Institution established in 1972.

The university is considered at the forefront of education and research in Andalusia and ranks among the top education and research institutions at a national level. UCO has a commitment to society, promoting innovation, research and technological development as important ingredients for social and economic progress. In this way, transfer of knowledge is also one of the university’s missions.

UCO’s research efforts are crystalised in 193 research units and 2,500 employees, covering different disciplines ranging from Humanities, Legal and Social Sciences, and Economics to Agriculture, Health Sciences, and Science and Technology. The University of Córdoba currently coordinates the Agrifood Campus of International Excellence (ceiA3). Its activity in the field of R&D&I is also evident in the Rabanales 21 Science and Technology Park, and in such centres of excellence as the Maimónides Institute for Biomedical Research (IMIBIC) and the Research Institute of Fine Chemistry and Nanochemistry.

UCO is heir to a centuries-old historical and cultural legacy, marked by a passion for knowledge, a broad intercultural outlook and an open worldview. Since ancient times, Córdoba as a city has been a paradigm for humankind as a whole and has had an unequivocal international vocation. This spirit also informs the three areas around which campus activities are structured: Food, Agriculture, Science and Technology; Health Sciences; and the Humanities, Law and Social Sciences. In this context, UCO boosts multi and interdisciplinary approaches in its educational and research offer. In addition, UCO also places special emphasis on the Humanities, as befits a city famous in the world for its historical, artistic and monumental heritage, a city that in the tenth century played a leading role in one of the most dazzling periods in the history of civilisation, confronting Muslim and Christian cultures.

UCO will coordinate the IN-HABIT project through WP9 on Project Management and Coordination, lead WP1 on Sustainable Mobility and Creative Square in Cordoba and play a significant role in the other WPs as well.