Website URL: http://www.tesserae.eu

Tesseræ Urban Social Research is an independent organisation engaged in urban, territorial and social research and practice. Based in Berlin, Tesseræ works with local communities, independent and non-profit organisations, as well as local, national and EU institutions. Tesserae’s practice links policy, research, art and activism, providing a critical multidisciplinary capacity. Our experts have competences in the fields of urban development and regeneration, multilevel governance, social justice, social innovation, community–led processes, housing, migration, heritage, cultural strategies, new media. Tesserae develops currently three main fields of activity: we provide expertise for knowledge exchange and the capitalisation of good practices to European programs like URBACT, UIA, the EU Urban Agenda; we design innovative tools and deliver training for participative methodologies; we develop innovative digital platforms to support inclusive open knowledge pooling processes, for such practices as urban reconnaissance, collaborative mapping and collective storytelling. Among the main current projects, H2020 Rise “Co-creation”, UIA “Calico” and “UPPER”, Erasmus plus COMENSI and OpenCCCP.

Tesserae will lead WP5, Citizen Engagement, Inclusive Business Models and PPPPs to Boost IHW, with a steady involvement also in the other work packages.