Kalnciema Quarter in Riga is an urban quarter engaged with market fairs, farmers markets, cultural and creative economy activities. The quarter is an ensemble of buildings representing 18th/19th century wooden architecture. It significantly influences the perception of Riga City centre – the UNESCO World Heritage Site, being the gateway from the International Airport to the heart of the city. The location has provided an additional opportunity for effective awareness-raising of the architectural heritage. The renovated Kalnciema Quarter has been opened to the public and hosts a series of cultural and business events – festivals, concerts, cinema, exhibitions, design shops, a restaurant, an architect’s studio. The quarter hosts farmers and artisan markets weekly, which are becoming increasingly popular among city dwellers.

The main activities of the company’s business are market fairs, farmers and artisan markets. Cultural activities and community events. Woodworks and renovation of historic buildings. Real estate operations and regeneration projects.

Kalnciema Quarter is an example of a new multifunctional urban space: weekly farmers markets bring producers and consumers together in a festive environment and atmosphere.

Kalnciema Quarter’s expertise includes community and stakeholder engagement: design and facilitation of participatory processes that engage people in shaping organisations, places, and communities. Collaborative Planning: raising genuine dialogue, building shared understanding, and supporting creative collaboration amongst diverse stakeholders. Place Making: facilitation of the co-creation of great public places.Social Innovation: building and measuring social value through the design and evaluation of social projects, programmes, and services.

Agenskalns market:
Open since 1898, Agenskalna market is a historical market in Pardaugava and has a status of a national monument of culture. In January 2018 the market was closed because of its poor condition. In May 2018 Kalnciema Quarter won the rent rights for a 30 year period from the Riga City Council to undertake another urban revitalisation project – a renovation of Agenskalna market in the neighbourhood close to Kalnciema Quarter. Now, the revitalisation process has started and is managed by a team of one of the most vibrant urban places in the city – Kalnciema Quarter. Agenskalna market is open all week, except Mondays, but weekends are the busiest days. The market gathers local farmers and Street Food stalls, develops sustainable ideas and contemporary tendencies, collaborates with creative people, civic activists and businesses from the neighbourhood and beyond. During the warm season you can also enjoy rich cultural life – concerts, workshops, discussions, performances etc.

KQ will be involved in WP2, Agenskalns food hub in Riga, as well as other work packages.