isIMPACT is a non-profit private research centre focusing on inclusive social impact assessment and empowerment. It is the first organisation that theorises and adopts this new approach to social impact. It looks at the changes that projects, policies and organisations can produce in the living conditions of vulnerable people, especially those at risk of poverty, discrimination or social exclusion, with a focus on non-monetary and immaterial impacts. IsIMPACT is a member of the Italian National Forum for sustainable development of the Ministry for the Environment for the implementation and monitoring of the Italian Agenda 2030.
isIMPACT's research action aims to: enhance the competences of public and private organisations to produce a tangible, measurable and inclusive social impact by means of their projects or programmes; boost research and debate around the concept of inclusive social impact, which comprises the psychological, social, cultural and non-monetary aspects of social change on vulnerable people; and enhance the potential inclusive social impact of projects and programmes, by means of participative co-design and community engagement practices.
isIMPACT is a widespread network of professionals with a sound research and job experience in the areas of social innovation, sustainable development, social inclusion and anti-discrimination policies. Its multidisciplinary team of experts includes profiles and competences that span across social studies, anthropology, communication and media, digital technologies, statistics, political and psychological studies.
isIMPACT will lead WP7, Assessing the Impact of Visionary and Integrated Solutions on IHW.