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The Riga planning region is one of five planning regions in Latvia. The administration of Riga Planning Region (RPR) is a state institution supervised by the Ministry of Environmental Protection and Regional Development. RPR includes 30 municipalities: the capital of Latvia – Riga, the city of Jurmala and 28 municipalities. RPR’s decision-making authority is the Development Council representing 30 municipalities of the region. The mission of the region is to coordinate and to promote sustainable and balanced development of the Riga region.

Functions of RPR are defined in the Regional Development Law and those are: regional and spatial planning and coordination, entrepreneurship and investment promotion, coordination of regional public transport, taxi licencing and development and implementation of EU funded projects in all domains of regional development.

The planning and coordination of socio-economic development of the Riga region, elaboration of development vision, objectives and priorities, identification of projects within the region, representation of regions’ interests at national and international level and facilitation of cooperation between the region’s municipalities is carried out in following areas: attractive living environment, transport and accessibility, innovation and entrepreneurship promotion, lifelong learning, tourism promotion and energy efficiency and sustainability.

Riga Planning Region’s main role in the IN-HABIT project is to take part in WP2, Agenskalns food hub in Riga.