IN-HABIT General Leaflet


Gender Identity and Sexual Orientation: Promoting Rights, Diversity and Equality in the World of Work (PRIDE)

International Labour Organization

LGBTIQ+ Update

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Building Cities For All: for an inclusive and accessible urban recovery

Selida Lucrezia Catalano

Programme Director

World Enabled

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Rithinking diversity and inclusion: a psychology and neuroscience lens

Dr. Adina Dumitru

Department of Psychology

University of A Coruña

Director, Sustainability Specialization Campus

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Inabling adaptive reuse through social inclusion

Hanna Szemzo

Open Heritage

13 October 2020

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Sustainable Just Cities

Matthew Bach

Coordinator, Just Transition


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In-Habit is online!

The official In-Habit social media accounts and hashtags

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Promoting inclusive healthy lifestyles and wellbeing in Agenskalns, Riga

Una Meiberga (KQ)
Talis Tisenkopfs (BSC)
Rudolfs Cimdins (RPR)

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Co-creating Reversible Multifunctional Open-source Urban Landscape to Connect People and Places in Nitra, Slovakia

Katarína Melichová (SUA)
Visualizations: SoňaBellerová (SUA)

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Lucca (as) the first humanimal city

Exploring human-animal bond to improve the quality of life of all parties

Francesco Di Iacovo (UNIPI)

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