Città di Lucca, LUCCA

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The “Comune di Lucca” (Municipality of Lucca) is a Local Public Authority with administrative competence assigned by relevant law, among which social and economic development, urban planning, urban environmental protection, private and public building, mobility, tourism, education, culture, sport etc.

The general environmental protection of the urban settlement, to achieve significant change related energy consumption, noxious gases emissions and noise and to preserve the quality of the life and the historical assets, represent short-mid term city priorities.

Concerning IN-HABIT referenced issues, in the last years relevant resources have been increasingly invested by the Municipality for improving the well-being of its inhabitants, including the welfare of the animals. This has been done through specific regulatory initiatives as the Cohabitation Human-animal Regulation, specific bodies as the “Osservatorio degli affari animali” (Observatory of the animal affairs) and the realisation of specific infrastructures, like public recreational areas for dogs.

Municipality of Lucca will co-coordinate WP3, Hum-animal city in Lucca, with the Pisa University and Lucca Crea and will also take part in the other work packages.

Lucca (as) the first humanimal city

Exploring human-animal bond to improve the quality of life of all parties

Francesco Di Iacovo (UNIPI)

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