Book on a Tree (BOT) is a creative agency focused on content creation and transmedia consulting. We are experts in dissemination and storytelling and developers of video, animations, graphics and design that will support IN-HABIT's communication and dissemination.
BOT is a storytelling hub: we create stories and worlds for books and comics, scripts for cartoons, communication plans for corporate clients, carry out ghostwriting, editing, translation, Intellectual Property development, dissemination projects, press and communication.
BOT was founded in 2014 by Pierdomenico Baccalario, a best-selling author of children’s and young adult storytelling.
During his 20-year career, Pierdomenico has written over 100 books, which have been published worldwide and in multiple languages, and has a successful long-standing series called Ulysses Moore.
BOT’s talented team have extensive experience in successful storytelling across multiple formats and products, and the group includes authors, editors, translators, script writers and illustrators.
BOT will lead WP8, Dissemination, Exploitation, Communication and Outreach Strategy, as well as taking part in the other work packages.